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reepy Nights on Calamo


2013 Halloween Photos. Click on any image to see the full-size photo.

For details and links to the videos for the music and light show click here.

Photos of the initial setup of the graveyard are here.


2013 was our most popular season yet - and probably the most impressive haunt we've done to date. Sadly our video camera died the last day of the haunt when we were all setup to film some of the awesomeness... We didn't get as many good still this year either since we were so busy with the crowds... But "here's what we got!" As always, click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full-size image.

Numbers: 715 victims over 3 nights!

10/25/13 - 112 10/30/2013 - 211 10/31/2013 - 392

The Front:

As is our custom, we have the Halloween music and light show going on out front. This year we did another giant spider web that covered most of the front yard - but added quite a few more spiders to the action! The entrance to the walk-thru was to the right of the web - leading you into the back through the graveyard...

The Graveyard:

Upon passing through the gate you entered the graveyard, which spanned the entire right side of the property. Blocking your view as you enter was the giant mausoleum; as you pass around it you meet our (very loud) haunted dog house...

As you follow the path through the graveyard you encounter this new guy on the right... popping up to say hello.

And on the left fog pours out from the mausoleum as the large creepy guy watches over you...

Better hurry now... Or Steve will get you before you make it to the haunted woods!

The Haunted Mine:

Just beyond the haunted woods at the bottom of the incline you encounter the haunted mine. Twice as large and full of much more scares than last year.

From the old miner '49ers laying just inside the entrance, to the mine cart that crashes toward you in the darkness with a terrifying screech, to the several actors that  assault you  inside... It was a terrifying adventure; screams echoed across the valley all night long.

The Toxic Dump:

After exiting the haunted mine the trail next lead you to the toxic waste area - glowing with the toxic chemicals responsible for creating all those zombies in the first place!

As you pass the toxic area you encounter the unfortunate individual experiencing a sizable jolt of electricity. The sight of his burned face and flesh hurry you along as you make your way up the incline. Emergency lights flash and a siren goes off as you enter the decontamination area - to freshen you up before you enter the hospital.

The Hospital:

Rows of bloody cots greet you... along with scary nurses, and an army of zombies trying to break through the window you pass on your way to the operating area...

In the operating area, the mad doctor operates on a live patient,,, or at least she is for the moment... Horrifying screams echo throughout.

The Morgue:

For those that make is past the mad doctor, you still have the morgue to get through. You must navigate your way through tables and gurneys full of dead (or are they?) bodies; only to come to an exit that may or may not let you out!

The Crowd:

The Actors:

Will "Mad Doc"

Patrick and Steve