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Halloween Projects by Year



Click here for an alphabetical index of all Projects

  • Our 2005 Projects (flying witches, fog chiller, haunted doghouse, graveyard entrance)

  • 2006 Projects (Well to Hell, Light Show, Dog House surprise, Banging Mausoleum, Control Mausoleum, Bug Infested Carport, Cemetery Fence, Haunted Cornfield).

  • 2007 Projects (The Gray Ghost & Friends)

  • 2009 Projects (Remakes and a few new surprises)

  • 2012 Projects (Yard Wide Web, Haunted Mine Shaft, Contractors, and Bodiesssss)

  • 2013 Projects (Tall Creep, Prop Shoes, Hospital, Morgue, and Toxic Area)

  • 2015 Projects (Funeral scene, Spider Tunnel, Still cave, Outhouse, Cutoff Torso, Crematorium, Hacked Chainsaw)

  • 2018 Projects (Tombstones, Grave Marker/Projectors, Foam Crypt, Banging Mausoleum)