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Creepy Nights on Calamo

Help Us:

Interested in Volunteering?:

We learned our lesson in 2007! We are seeking volunteers for future haunts. We need the following:

  • Greeters/escorts: To greet/count and possibly escort groups through the haunt

  • Actors/scare-specialists: To work various areas of the haunt scaring visitors; anyone of high school age or beyond is welcome. This is a "no contact" haunt, but there are plenty of opportunities to scare and/or startle throughout the haunt. Bring your own costume if you have one; though we also have an extensive store of costumes and can probably provide you one. Talking and non-talking "creatures" are welcome.

  • Promotional specialists: Got a talent for promotions? We need person(s) to coordinate getting the word out; to local schools, libraries, police and fire stations, businesses, and the media. We've never solicited for sponsors before but would like to consider that to support the growing (and increasingly expensive and elaborate) event.

  • Artists: We need talented artists for painting sets, props, and/or actors (makeup). Suggestions for effects or decoration from those artistically inclined haunters are also welcomed.

  • Builders: Those experienced with wood working - and we'd also love to find some talented welders for some REALLY special haunt projects we have in mind...

  • Electronics gurus: Both house wiring and electronics design/building talents are needed.

We start the design and brainstorming process for the next haunt a few weeks after the previous haunt is torn down, so anyone with talent and time on their hands (throughout the year) would be welcome.

Actors/greeters will be needed during the actual shows, though help setting up and tearing down is always appreciated. Other talented individuals are welcome throughout the year as we design and work on new/updated props for the coming year.

Contact us via email (address below) if you're interested. It's a great creative outlet and a LOT of fun.


Things We're Looking For:

We're interested in leads or donations for some items we're looking for to populate the haunt. These include:

  • All set for 2013...


Best witches for a safe and SPOOKY Halloween! Now get to work on those props for 2013 and BEYOND!

  -Chris 'n Catherine (a.k.a. CnC)