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Halloween Projects for 2005

The projects/props we created for our 2005 Haunt:

  • Glenda and Flying witchesFlying WitchesThe Flying Witches
    A pair of evil witches flying around "Glenda the good witch" tied to a stake - and on fire

  • Trash Can Fog Chiller - inside viewTrash Can Fog ChillerTrash Can Fog ChillerTrash-can fog chiller
    A variation on other trash-can based fog chillers I'd seen online

  • Haunted Doghouse in darkHaunted Doghouse in darkHaunted DoghouseHaunted DoghouseThe Haunted Dog House
    Start with a standard dog house, add fog, creepy blinking eyes, and throw some bones around.
    See a short video of the doghouse

  • Graveyard EntranceGraveyard EntranceGraveyard Entrance in DarkGraveyard Entrance
    Using a trellis we weren't using, some cemetery fence we bought, and a graveyard sign we bought