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Indications the house you bought or rented is HAUNTED

We're no experts, but we've watched enough "haunting" shows to help you out by assembling a list of  indicators that the house or apartment you bought (or rented) might be haunted...

  • That million dollar home is selling for $200,000 (or BEST OFFER!)

  • The house has been re-listed repeatedly - each time for less money

  • The former tenants left all their belongings (including food in the frig - or on the kitchen table)

  • The current tenants are all living in one room on the main floor and don't go in any other areas of the house

  • The real estate agent waits outside

  • The owners offer you 6 months rent FREE

  • Though the house is in a GREAT area, it's been vacant for years

  • It's 90 degrees outside, the air conditioning isn't on, but you can see your breath in the basement

  • Your dog won't come into the house

  • Your independent/rebellious teenager won't stay (or won't close the door) in his or her new room

  • Your clergy person can't (or won't) come to your house for a blessing

  • Your clergy person rushes through (or cuts short) the house blessing

  • Your appliances or faucets turn on and off by themselves

  • There's a room in the basement or upstairs that's nailed shut

  • Your in-laws won't stay over

  • Every handyman leaves without getting paid - and won't come back

  • Basement renovations reveal skeletal remains under the house

  • The neighbors wish you well but won't come in

  • When you move the rug in the back bedroom, you discover a pentagram on the floor

  • Crosses and religious symbols won't stay on the walls or shelves

  • Furniture or objects in the house get relocated

  • Your young child's new imaginary playmate tells them that he/she died in the house

  • No animals come into your yard

  • Your house has a "nickname" among the locals; the "so and so" house (named for some past resident/owner)...

  • The house was the site of a suicide/murder/some other gruesome event

  • You discover the property is on the site of a former graveyard or burial ground, funeral home, gallows, prison, asylum, battlefield, hospital, hospice, or orphanage

  • Certain doors in the home won't stay closed

  • Strange faces, shadows, or mists in photos taken in the home