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Creepy Nights on Calamo

Creepy Nights on Calamo Presents:
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An ancient gold mine uncovered in our back yard - apparently reopened in the more recent past when uranium veins were uncovered. You can still see glowing particles in some areas, guarded by some of the less fortunate miners!

Little did they know the uranium was particularly potent - so much so that just the radio-active remnants they left behind turn people into walking corpses...

As you tour the decrepit mine be careful not to touch anything that GLOWS. If you get too close, you may end up like those trapped in the toxic storage area just past the mine's exit.

Not to worry - much. Our resident (mad) "doctor" mans the field hospital as they try not to be overrun. And tread lightly through the morgue on your way out - some of those "corpses" are decidedly UN-dead.

See the "Show Schedule" for dates/times you can see the show.

As always, the walk-thru is free but we'll be collecting canned goods for the local food bank (E.C.H.O.) so please bring some canned goods to help the less fortunate.

We were featured in the Washington Post on 10/30/2008!

Check in the "projects" area for some of the new props and scares we're working on, and in the Photo Gallery for past events...

Indicators that your house or apartment is haunted!

2007 set records for us but 2010 was a blast. 2011 was very last minute but came out well! Apparently we were even scarier - almost 1/3 of the visitors never made it all the way through! People screamed every 5 feet in 2012.

2012 Haunt Video!

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